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Phoebe and the Farrier

"Phoebe and the Farrier"

Some time ago now, months, maybe a year or more, I was having another look at a great book I have and one image in there struck me as being a great idea for a photograph. The book, by David Hockney, is called “Secret Knowledge”. It is a big glossy hardback in which David discusses how mirrors and lenses have been used through the ages by artists to ‘capture’ images for their painting. It is a fascinating read. The image in question was painted in 1645 by the French artist George de la Tour, a follower of the great Caravaggio and is titled St Joseph the Carpenter“.

Now that one painting had grabbed me, I started looking at other artworks in the same manner, for inspiration in my own work. Wouldn’t it be great if somebody wanted a portrait doing in the style and, to a certain extent, the setting of a bygone age. I happened to discuss this with a good a friend of mine and he said he would love such a picture of his daughter and she would be thrilled. So we made plans, but due to other commitments and twists of fate, it has taken quite a long time for all of us to be available at the same time. We managed to get together on Saturday afternoon and shoot the image. Phoebe, my friend’s daughter, is very keen on her horse riding and hopes to have one of her own one day, so I decided to swap the carpenter for a farrier.

Many thanks to Berriewood Farm for allowing use of their building and horses. Also to John Preece of Uppington Smithy for modelling as the farrier, and to Phoebe’s mum for bringing her along.

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  • john abbiss - Hi Micheal i go to the photo class with yourself & Peter at Eastham where i saw this image when i showed it to my wife the very first thing she said “its like a painting” i think thats speeks for its self, mission acomplished, many regards John

  • Mr Edd - Hi Mike

    Love this picture. I think this web image; although beautiful, doesn’t do justice to the original print you showed me last Friday. I have sent links to the original painting and this image to many people around the world.

    I can see me getting my camera out of the closet again. Thanks for the inspiration.


  • Michael - Thank you John & Edd, I am glad you liked it.

Pudleston Show

This is the fourth year I have covered Pudleston Show, it is an annual favourite. I have seen some children come on in leaps and bounds over the last four years, some will no doubt ‘out-grow’ it, but there are always lots of new faces coming along for their first ever outing, some as young as three years old seem like old hands. The weather this year was not great with every body getting soaked in the morning. Anyway, the photographs are now online in the Shop area of the website. And to remind you all, you need to be a registered user to have access to that part of the website, just follow the instructions.

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Ludlow Hunt Fun Ride at Gatley Park

This was a new venue for the Ludlow to run a fun ride and almost 100 riders turned up to enjoy the day. Riding through a beautiful landscape in the sunshine is hard to beat, though there was a light shower later on. Pictures are now available in the Shop area.

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Wheatland Pony Club Show

Yesterday Jo & I covered the Wheatland Hunt Pony Club Show at Valley View, Broseley. The rain held of till later in the afternoon and lots of little people had a great time. There were various activities from Show Jumping to Fancy Dress and Handy Pony. Photographs from the event are now available in the Shop. If you have not already registered, you will need to do so to view the images.

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  • Abby Lloyd - great.