Last Chance

The new season of events will be starting soon, so I need to clear some space on my harddrives and website. As such I have made available certain galleries until the end of March, just a few weeks away. After this time all these images will be removed permanently from my website and will be deleted. If you wish to safeguard the future of your images, you can buy the full digital file for just £9.99 during this period. Prints and the smaller Facebook sized images are also available if you prefer.

This is the last chance to buy your event images from 2010.

I look forward to seeing you all again this coming year.

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Green Screen

A couple of evenings ago, my daughter wanted to photograph some of her outfits ready for her University Portfolio. She was unsure about what background we should have so I suggested we go Green Screen or Chromakey as it is also called. This involves shooting against green backcloth though blue is also commonly used. The problem with this is if there is green in the clothes being worn and the green channel will be removed affecting their appearance. As you will see, yellow is also affected as it has a lot of green in its makeup.

So we put up the cloth, set the lights and metered light levels. Jo blew up some balloons too.

Here is one of the pictures of Jo in the dress that was always going to be the difficult one.

As you can see, we were having lots of fun doing this shoot, but note what happens next to the green and yellow elements of the dress once the green has been removed using some specialist software. Jo also decided she wanted a black background, but at this point we could just as easily insert any colour we wanted or even another image altogether as the background. The image was also cropped slightly.

Note also how the blue balloons have become a much richer and darker blue due to the green channel being removed from their colour spectrum. We decided to leave the blue balloons alone as the richer blue was more appealing. But the green and yellow parts need some work to regain their original colour. So, once this image had been saved, it had to be opened in another program and using control point technology I was able to correct the colours to close to their original.

Green Screen shoots can be a lot of fun, why not consider booking one for yourself and friends or family or if you are organising a function, it could be a lot of fun for you guests.

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New website

Ok, the new style site is up and running. Well, most of it is. There are still a couple of pages to sort out and content for me to fill, but the style is set. I hope you approve. I trust you will be able to find your way around the new menu and enjoy spending some time here.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below, if you have any trouble navigating or something about the site is not working, or even if you like or don’t like the new style, it would be great to get your feedback.

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Its a new year and time for new ideas. One of the new things happening is my website. It is time for a change, early spring clean and re-organisation. Not all of it is changing, just the appearance and certain elements will be added and others will go.

As a result of this development, the website may be offline for a few days from Tuesday, but will hopefully be back and ready to go by the end of the week.

Thank you for you patience,


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