On Friday 30th July we covered the Pony Club Area 7 Show Jumping, at Solihull Riding Club, and yesterday we were photographing at Hay Show, Hay on Wye. I will be starting to go through the thousands, yes thousands, of photos taken over the last two days and getting them online here for you to view. I expect to have the Pony Club photos all done by Monday evening and the Hay photos by Tuesday evening. If they can be done sooner they will be.

Thank you for your patience.

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We had a great day on Sunday covering the Ledbury Hunt Horse & Dog Show. A lovely sunny day even if the wind was a little chilly at times and strong at others. We were forced to removed all the sides of our tent to prevent it becoming airbourne, and this despite it being strapped down. It was a good day and thanks to the organisers for putting it on and asking us along. My photographers for the day were John Rose in the show jumping and Penny Barker covering everything else. Also thanks to Louanne Rose for helping out too. I spent the day manning the tent to trial a new bit of computer programming and it all worked well apart from people having to tilt their heads to look at the upright images on the viewing stations. Sorry about that, the problem has now been fixed so no more stiff necks. Follow the Shop link to find your gallery.

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It was hot day last Sunday but there was a good lot of entries for this popular event. The cross country course has been reversed from previous years at looked very good. Lots of solid imposing jumps that rode really well. As usual, we were busy taking the pictures and they are now all online for your viewing. When looking through the galleries, don’t forget to use the ‘favourites’ option to build your own gallery of all your images, from all available events photographed by us.

We have also launched a new print product as seen here. It is currently available in two sizes, 9 x 6 and 12 x 8, and with either a white or black background as shown below. Just follow the instructions when ordering to choose your images etc.

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  • Poppy - how do i view the photos taken at sapey online like u could on the old website?? thanx

  • Michael - Hi Poppy

    To view the Sapey images, you need to go the Shop area and register. Move your mouse over the word Register and it turns red, click it and fill in the details. You will then have created an account which will allow you to view the images, order images and if you like, by clicking the heart symbol you can add images to your own ‘favourites’ folder for quick viewing at a later date.

It is a lovely day here, and it is my daughter’s birthday. I managed to drag her kicking and screaming out in the field behind the house to get a few shots. It was just a few minutes of fun.

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  • Mandy Reddock - Hi Michael I would love one of those photos of Jo, preferably the one I clicked I liked. Do you think you could do me a small copy and I could update the one I have of her in my bedroom. Many thanks Mandy

  • michael - For Jo’s God Mother, no problem, but I do not know which one you like as they are just looping in a slide show.

Sandwiched between two days of rain, we were lucky to have not only dry weather, but lovely and sunny too. My team were busy taking photographs of the Team Show jumping on the Sunday and Monday was a day of showing classes and some more show jumping.

Images, if not already in the shop gallery, will be shortly.

Michael Martin Photography. Events, Portraits and Weddings

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  • Lindsay Dobson - What an absolutely beautiful shot Michael, and what lovely horses and ponies.

  • michael - Thank you Lindsay.

  • Letitia - hi i was just wondering when the malvern hills riding club show day 2 may 31st pictures will be up because there is only day 1?
    nice picture by the way :)

  • Michael - Sent you an email, but both days have been up for some time now.